Monday, 5 December 2016

Winter Is Here And Our London Escorts Are Getting Festive!

British Winter weather

The winter weather is here and earlier than expected! We all know that Britain in Winter can certainly be a difficult period in time but it’s not all that bad as there’s always a way to enjoy yourself in London City.
All Communities and Industries have their own way of shaping things up to prepare for the Winter ahead; The UK’s Adult Escort Industry is one of the major contributors to London’s communities that is directly affected by these harsh weather conditions.
If you’re regularly exposed to the elements on a daily basis, then you’ll know yourself how much you have to adapt and change your daily life to ensure you’ll breeze it through the winter season.
As enjoyable moments, such as going to the local Park for a picnic or venturing to an unknown part of the City may be coming to an end as other opportunities open themselves for us to take advantage in the Winter festivities.

Winter London events to take your escort

We are very lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of London as there are many events to attend and get involved with all year round. Reading that might be a God send to a London Punter as I have made a list of places and events to take your London escorts from Crush Escorts in the Winter Season.
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Figure 1. Carnaby Christmas Festival 2015
  • Brixton Christmas Carnival located at 467 Brixton Road; SW9 8HH is an awesome place to go, a one-day carnival on the Heated rooftop of the Prince of Wales open on Saturday 17th December 2016 from 8PM - 5AM. The Carnival itself consists of 3 main stages with many famous acts to be confirmed; there’s dancers, a jerk barbecue, a free braid bar and coconut cocktails! The perfect opportunity to crack out the Carnival costume and impress the Courtesan of your choice.  Carnival Open Saturday 17th December 2016 20:00 - 05:00.

  • London Illustration Fair; this is London’s only illustration-orientated fair. Returning with many artists’ workshops and stations to see and experience, everyone at this event is so invested and they put their heart and soul into their projects, an opportunity not to miss out on. The event is also featuring many popular studios and agencies such as Hato Press Ltd and East End Print, don’t miss out it’s open 1st December 2016 to 4th December 2016, Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf.

  • On Saturday 3rd December 2016 is the East End Independent’s Day and is an event that holds a special place in my heart, on this event is all about the Independent makers, bakers, brewers and bartenders of London and they open their doors to the free tours that take place all along the streets with each individual event on each street they also need help with funding this event, donate on their Indiegogo page. This is the event to experience a spontaneous and adventurous time out, a real opportunity to impress a London escort companion. More about the event...

Santa Claus will be here soon!

As Christmas is rapidly approaching us with the frantic shopping frenzy, events and places are starting to look like Santa’s workshop. Lovely illuminations are available to gaze at and I thought myself “Wow…lights” but after a small search there are definitely some impressive displays to see, Carnaby Christmas Lights is one not to miss as this year their inspiration comes from the V&A’s new exhibition ‘You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970’.
Trafalgar Square is where the giant Christmas Tree will be, kindly donated to the lovely Londoners by the City of Oslo every year! The display starts early December so there’s plenty of time to see the masterpiece and loads of time to entertain the lovely London escort of your choosing.

Seeking a London escort Agency with Christmas spirit?

I love to see people and places go the extra mile especially when it’s based around public holidays. Now Crush Escorts located on 39 Munster Square, NW1 3PR is a London escort Agency that does just that for its customers and of course themselves because getting into the festive spirit is what it’s all about! I know there’s many of Agencies out there in London but none are like this, check out the snow feature on their website. Another main attribute that I’ve noticed from Crush Escorts is that they truly put out a professional and reliable London escorts service and any of the places/events I’ve mentioned previously would be ideal for a date.
Overall Winter isn’t looking so bad for London City, there’s places to go for entertainment, an endless array of bars and restaurants including display events and seasonal venues.
  • TL; DR – There are many places in London City to take a London escort from Crush Escorts, see Brixton Christmas Carnival, London Illustration Fair, East End Independent's Day and British Winter weather sucks.

Location: London, UK


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